FIMA – A success for MGTL

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MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited have just returned from FIMA, where we successfully showcased three of our products:
Embus – Client Onboarding & Lifecycle Management (click here for more info)
MYRIAD – Network Management (click here for more info)
CODUDE – Due Diligence Made Easier (click here for more info)
If you stopped by our stand during FIMA we thank you. Over the coming days we will be reaching out to everyone that left us their business card to arrange meetings (either online or onsite) to further discuss how MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited can help you overcome your challenges.
We appreciate that FIMA was very well attended, with many relevant sessions for those onsite, and that you may not have had time to come and talk to us. If you would like to know more about how we are currently helping Banks and Financial Institutions improve efficiencies and increase transparency when it comes to Client Onboarding & Lifecycle Management, Network Management or Due Diligence please contact us today:

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