Cloud Delivery

In addition to servicing the Client instances of our products, MYRIAD Group Technologies also provides a managed hosting service for their robust and secure delivery.

Google Cloud Platform

After a rigorous selection process and comprehensive testing of the target Cloud environment and services, we have deployed multiple applications in client-dedicated, self-contained Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects. This has allowed for enhancements to the architecture of secure hosting and the provision of additional management services.

Not least, the Company has adopted new opportunities to align with benchmarks and frameworks such as CIS (Centre for Internet Security) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd

Where we provide hosting of product instances, discrete zones are utilised to sustain geographical segregation. Cloud hosting offers dynamic options and with GCP’s diverse range of zones and regions available worldwide (, the Company hosts Client data across these locations as mandated by Client’s jurisdictional data residency and technical requirements.

We also leverage our ability to mix GCP regions, for instance having a platform Production instance located in one region and the non-Production instances in a different region, further strengthening the geographical segregation element of our Business Continuity Plan.

Furthermore, GCP allows us to provide carbon footprint reporting to our Clients, in line with our ESG Policies and goals, and incorporate this information into the decision-making processes.