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  • AI – a cautionary tale

    AI is not a panacea and there are many scenarios where it cannot be usefully applied. Below, MGTL’s Managing Director Simon Shepherd expands on the…

    Simon Shepherd

    AI wash
  • The Start of a Beautiful Friendship: BAFT Respondent’s Playbook –

    The Start of a Beautiful Friendship. The late, great Henry Ford said that “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together…

    Rupert Booth

  • Examining the Themes Emerging from TNF Middle East 2023

    Following on from our Sibos retrospective, we briefly reflect on The Network Forum ME, which featured ESG (environmental, social, governance), the introduction of T+1 settlement…

    Fraser Wikner

  • Reflections on the themes emerging from Sibos 2023

    Settlement discipline, T+1 and innovation were among some of the main talking points at this year’s Sibos, which took place in Toronto. MYRIAD Group Technologies…

    Fraser Wikner

  • Legacy technology: not a true ‘legacy’ at all.

    For The Network Forum Journal #12, Simon Shepherd discusses the need for integration of proprietary technology with off-the-shelf specialist platforms. Traditionally, you leave your legacy…

    Simon Shepherd

    glenn carstens peters FMukOUNg unsplash
  • The Need for Operational Resilience

    Earlier in the year, amid volatile scenes not seen since the 2008 financial crisis, three US banks – each with sizeable exposures to the technology…

    Helen Johnson

  • Reflections on the themes emerging from TNF Athens 2023

    Of the varied and insightful material that surfaced at The Network Forum in Athens this year, we have examined some of the most pertinent themes…

    Fraser Wikner

  • The Challenges of Cost Management for Brokers and Asset Managers

    Broker-dealers and asset managers are facing extensive challenges in today’s capital markets. Accordingly, many are now looking to streamline their operational processes and obtain meaningful…

    Rupert Booth

    mathieu stern zOOZUJA unsplash
  • A MYRIAD’s-Eye View.

    Helen Johnson writes, in The Network Forum Journal #11, about the continued need for tools to support the widening remit and responsibilities of the modern…

    Helen Johnson

    patrick NuEzrmDxQ unsplash

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