Revolutionise your
Third‑Party Management

Discarding frangmented sytems and manual procedures


Achieving cost efficiency, saving money and resource


Instant return and dissemination of data-driven reports


ISO 27001 Certification for Proven Security


Outstanding Client Service and industry expertise


Network & Vendor Management

All MYRIAD's modules combine to form a comprehensive solution for the Network and Vendor Management function. Oversight of your counterparties and Clients , their reference data and documentation is complete down to the most granular detail.

From RFP, through due diligence, cost management, reporting and performance, governance is absolute and will deliver substantial value in cost and productivity.

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Object Management

Cost Management

By mapping all types of your relationships, leverage our sophisticated FEES module to reconcile all inbound invoices to existing schedules and internal transaction volumes, identifying redundant account charges and automating complex processes.

Through network rationalisation and the close ongoing scrutiny of account invoicing and schedule management, MYRIAD and EMBUS can identify redundant accounts and eradicate unnecessary fees from the outset.

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Cost Management

Due Diligence

Powerful delta management functionality and instantaneous information exchange means a dramatic workload reduction year-on-year.

Choose from products that provide either a standalone solution for Industry standard questionnaires at the lowest cost in the market, or a comprehensive platform that wraps due diligence functionality into a complete third-party performance and continuous assessment solution.

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Due Diligence

Configurable & Automated Workflows

Automation is everything - and allowing you to configure your own account management processes is a significant part of what we offer.

Process and control functions afford numerous options for account and lifecycle management through task-led, automated workflows. Our platforms can integrate with your legacy infrastructure - converting your data into intelligence.

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Account Workflow and Automation

Performance Oversight

All criteria by which you measure your providers is covered by our products, whether it be issues tracked and matched to the SLA or automated RFP and scoring procedures.

Cross-departmental workflows prevent fragmentation and duplication of effort, meaning that such exercises as continuous due diligence benefit from lean process and collaboration.

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Performance Oversight

Counterparty Onboarding

Run your onboarding function more efficiently by introducing automated processes which run in parallel, allowing you to focus on informed decision-making.

Shorten time-to-market, improving speed and accuracy, boosting transparency and lowering costs through streamlined processes and services.    

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Client Onboarding

Intelligent Reporting

If data is not reportable in a format that suits your purposes, then its value and accessibility are substantially reduced.

The ability to immediately summon reports that deliver intelligence to you or your team, and make them available to chosen colleagues, all at the touch of a button, is a vital asset.

MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd Revolutionise your Third‑Party Management Reporting

Our solutions support some of the world’s biggest Financial Institutions



Like every other business, we would be nowhere without our Clients. We know that the products and service that we provide have gone a long way to relieving cost and operational pressures, instilling risk aversion, driving process efficiencies and identifying immediate savings opportunities.
A recent Client identified historic billing issues from one of their Suppliers within 6 weeks of the implementation of our MYRIAD platform. The settlement from their Supplier equated to the first 3 years of their MYRIAD license fee. Here's what else our Clients have to say...

“Throughout the implementation phase and now into on-going support, the MYRIAD team is to be highly commended”

“…MYRIAD is flexible, and our financial fees project has been a success. We reached our objectives…making savings in financial fees processing alone with MYRIAD.”

“MYRIAD demonstrates the flexibility and scalability to meet our diverse and growing business demands…We are impressed with their strong understanding of our business requirements and priorities…”

“Excellent support from MYRIAD experts during implementation, always taking the ‘can do’ approach. They always found the solution we needed, instead of the solution we thought we wanted…”

“The full breadth and depth of MYRIAD’s functionality was leveraged in meeting the Bank’s considerable requirements, constituting a complete solution to a wide-ranging set of disciplines. As an immediate consequence, Network Managers were afforded a platform that increased efficiency and provided a more functional and stable platform for the management of its Nostro and Vostro accounts and all accompanying processes and procedures.”