CODUDE is our response to the market need for a platform to combat the increasing requirements for Due Diligence.
CODUDE is short for Collaborative Due Diligence and the platform is designed to support the bilateral exchange of information with and for multiple counterparties.
CODUDE provides the technology infrastructure to securely host content and work between industry participants.
CODUDE delivers a premium due diligence utility at the lowest cost in the market.

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How Can CODUDE Help You?


It caters to the wider industry:
Utilises the standardised AFME Due Diligence Questionnaire which Network Managers and Custody professionals have adopted as part of their Due Diligence process.
It is versatile:
CODUDE supports standardised questionnaires and additional proprietary questionnaires.
It is inexpensive:
CODUDE is the lowest cost due diligence utility on the market today. Click here for pricing.

It is efficient:
A shared services platform to manage the Due Diligence process between multiple counterparties and multiple questionnaires simultaneously.
It saves time and money:
CODUDE has the potential to deliver a significant economy of effort by reducing time-to-market and increasing efficiency with ‘data persistence’ across Due Diligence cycles.

Features and Benefits of CODUDE

Key Benefits

1. A secure solution for the bilateral exchange of information between counterparties.
2. No third-party inspection: data is visible only to the Requester and Responder.
3. Economy of effort: input responses once only.
4. Benefits are considerable from the outset: workload is reduced year-on-year.
5. Audit trail for the whole Request and Response process.
6. Requester can add proprietary questions.
7. Industry questionnaires are supported through CODUDE e.g. AFME, Wolfsberg etc.
8. Allows the addition of supporting documents and the export of completed files.
9. Messaging and email functionality.
10. Year-on-year delta management functionality.
11. The lowest cost due diligence utility in the market. See pricing here.

Regulatory pressure:
Underpins compliance with due diligence regulations.

Audit, Risk, Legal:
Improves audit trails, reduces risk exposure and enhances legal visibility.

Resource management:
Assignation of personnel to other tasks, relieving pressure.

Prompt answer, prompt review, prompt clarification and sign-off.

Time management:
Immediate and continuing reduction of effort to the benefit of everyone’s workload.

Reduction in costs generated by traditional email and document-led Due Diligence practices.

More About CODUDE:

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