CODUDE Pricing

The right resource, at the right price, for the Network Management (Requester) and underlying Custodian (Responder) community.

The Lowest Cost for Due Diligence: CODUDE

CODUDE is an efficient, shared services utility that manages the DDQ process between multiple counterparties and multiple questionnaires simultaneously. With prompt and easy requests, responses, review, clarification, scoring and delta management, CODUDE provides a holistic, end-to-end process.

The platform delivers significant economy of effort by reducing time-to-market and exponentially increasing efficiency with ‘data persistence’ across due diligence cycles. Access to data is protected at all times and restricted purely to the bilateral parties involved. It caters to the wider industry by supporting both standardised and proprietary questionnaires.

CODUDE is the cleanest and most coherent technology approach, offering Requesters the market’s lowest-cost solution, broken down simply below, and is a free utility for Responders.

FREE for Responders

Proprietary questionnaires are priced in line with this schedule, plus a small charge per question for set-up.

Please contact us to learn the full capabilities of CODUDE and to fully appreciate the benefits it will bring to your due diligence process.

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