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Network Management

The continually evolving challenges and mounting workload faced by Network Managers across a broad landscape poses increased risk management issues. MYRIAD provides delivers a solution to bring transparency across the Network, regulatory support and intelligent data reporting to alleviate this concern.

Due Diligence

The time consuming, repetitive and often manual process that faces banks every year can be tackled with a completely self-contained, secure and automated platform. CODUDE cuts through complexity, drawn-out and disparate procedures.

Client Onboarding

The fragmented and often traditionally laborious process of Client Onboarding has meant slow time-to-market for Clients. Embus provides pre-onboarding processes to cut these times when the onboarding proper occurs, reducing client attrition rates.



A complete solution for Network Management and Vendor Governance


A shared service platform for Collaborative Due Diligence


A cost-effective solution for Client Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

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