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MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited is a technology company based in the City of London that focuses on specific areas of the financial services sector. The company provides technology solutions that span initial client engagement and the delivery of provider services via the Network and Vendor Management teams. From Client Onboarding, Client Lifecycle Management, ongoing Due Diligence and Market Data, through to Network and Cost Management our products address the complete counterparty relationship.
The group was founded in 2004, following a successful project for one of the major European banks. We have an excellent track record of delivery to Clients and our expert team is focused on further developing our products MYRIAD, CODUDE, and Embus, whilst conducting high value-add implementations.
With more than 100 years industry experience, the Company Directors and many of the Senior Management team have FTSE-100, banking and small company experience to guide and oversee our growth path.
You will find more information about MYRIAD, CODUDE and Embus right here on our Website. Contact us today to see how MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited can help you overcome the challenges you face.

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Since 2004 MYRIAD Group Technologies has been helping our Clients manage their provider network more effectively, saving them time and money and freeing up resources to concentrate on higher value activities. Don’t just take our word for it: take a look at our case studies to find out more.

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MYRIAD Group Technologies Ltd
64-65 London Wall
United Kingdom

We are conveniently and centrally located in London’s financial district. The nearest underground stations are Moorgate and Liverpool Street. You’ll find our building on London Wall, opposite the Southern entrance to Finsbury Circus. Upon arriving at the office, please press the doorbell for the 4th floor.

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